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Mountain Temple

The theme for the Gnomon competition this month was Mountain Temple, so I gave it my best shot. It took a lot of time getting the plants to look good without bringing my poor machine to its knees.


Demon Lord

The Sketch Theatre Competition this month is Demon Lord. I instantly started brainstorming different character designs and gestures, but kept coming back to a person with horns. This seems a little generic to me, so I was trying to be somewhat original. I saw a picture by Ian Mccaig, where there was a cool looking monster, whose head was like a spiky cylinder. I tried mimicing something like that, but wasn’t liking it.

I was looking around for inspiration and found some pictures of Japanese demons and guardians. Feeling that this would be quite a bit different than the other submissions and especially different for me, I decided to go with it. It came out really smooth and I felt like I really wanted to do this style of character. I ended up using ballpoint pin on newsprint with a “Special Black” copic marker to fill in the background and touch up a couple spots the pen didn’t get quite dark enough. I don’t think I’ll ever win any of these competitions, but I feel like I’m getting better with each submission and that’s kind of the point, right?

Original uncropped. I had to make the background black because I had other doodles around the head. This started out as a doodle, but I ended up liking it too much to start over

Same image cropped to hide imcomplete wings and darkened to correct for scanner brightening

Colored with red and yello copic marker. Highlights done with wife's acrylics (I asked permission)


Fairy on the Logs

This is a render I did for a Gnomon competition. It took me a long time to light even though it’s not what I was originally going for. I had some happy accidents and some frustrations. Lots of area lights, spot lights, and a point light.

Took about two and a half hours to render


My Bloody Valentine

This month’s theme for the Sketch Theatre competition was “My Bloody Valentine”. Considering any theme in the competition usually produces some pretty gruesome entries, this month will probably be particularly bloody. As such, I’ve stepped a little out of my normal routine and gone the way of gore. I used my Pigma Micron to do the actual sketch and did a quick pass afterwards with the my copic markers, which I still really enjoy. I was considering an attempt at watercoloring it, but I don’t think it really fits with the kind of mediums the judges want to see submitted.

Just the pigma micron

A quick pass with the gray and red copic markers

All in all, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I have so little experience drawing and even less experience trying to take an image to a “finished” quality. But I do think these time-consuming exercises are helping. If you’re not good at something, practice to get better. Sad that I’m 28 and I still need to mutter this to myself so I can accept it as fact. I will get better!


Alien Salesman

Here’s another entry I’m going to submit to the Sketch Theatre competition. I’d say it’s not my best work, but in truth it is. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I have no confidence that I’d win, but I think it’s definitely original and a has a unique style. My wife and I went to a real art star down in Los Angeles, so I got a chance to buy some new toys to try out. For this drawing I used two copic markers (gray and gray) and a Pentel Stylo, which allows a fun range of stroke widths. I won’t those Gnomon DVDs!


Gesture Drawings of Skinny Lady

This model has come in before, but I’ve never posted any drawings of her. She looked to be in her mid 40s, around 5’10” and a 110 lbs. She was wearing layers of spandex, funky red mesh boots, huge-lensed sun glasses, and a French baret. Each drawing was a 2-3 minute pose.


Barbarian Dinner

Just a little charcoal I did this morning for a Sketch Theatre Competition. The theme is family dinner, so we’ll see how it goes.

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