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Pen on News Print

I really like working with news print. It has a rougher texture that I think let’s me control my strokes a bit better. Since I’ve been somewhat diligent with my drawing and had some cash to put away, I bought two books to improve my skills. Drawing Cutting Edge Anatomy: The Ultimate Reference for Comic Book Artists by Christopher Hart is really good reference. It doesn’t cover any general drawing tips like strokes or shading, but is filled with little tips on how to get little bits of the picture right. One page of the book is dedicated only to head tilts of women. The other book is 100 Ways to Create Fantasy Figures by Francis Tsai. It’s more of a illustration book, but I love the artwork and will dive into after I’ve covered the other book.

Just a guy sitting there, but I kind of like how it turned out

From the anatomy book, doing some practice eyes and heads

Drawing a girl in the style of the anatomy book. I usually start with the eyes and made the eyes too dark and then switched to drawing a woman

Just trying to do some gestures that look somewhat natural


Sports Gestures

During my life I’ve seen a handful of sports photographs that have become iconic in my mind. All three athletes below were seemingly before my time, but I still enjoy their poses.

I have always been fascinated at Jesse Owens and his showing in the 1936 Olympics. I can only imagine the power and speed it must take to run at that angle an entire 400 meters. In the reference photo I noticed his hand reaching out not flexed or relaxed, but grasping for air to pull out of his way.

Michael Jordan did play in my lifetime, but it was during the time I didn’t really appreciate the sport. I’ve valued him more going back and watching highlight reels, but it’s still fun to see his explosive jumping. In the reference photograph, he’s a bit more coiled up like he still has more stretching to do, which I kind of lost in the picture.

I’ve never ever been a baseball buff, but I have always loved looking at pictures of Joe Dimaggio hitting home runs. He puts his full hip into and looks completely extended looking up to the outfield.


Fun with a Pencil

I’m reading “Fun with a Pencil” by Andrew Loomis. Most of his books are really verbose–pages and pages of text with few pictures. Fun with a Pencil, however, is a lot easier for me to read and I recently decided to go through it as it is one of his more entry level books. Despite the name of the book, I did all my work with a sharpie as I really enjoy the strong lines and commitment I make when I put them down. I’m only happy with about three of the faces, but considering how new I am to cartoony drawing, they turned out okay.


Pen and Sharpie

Some basic shading using a classic Bic ballpoint pen and some anatomy books

My attempts at drawing a 3/4 picture with the sharpie. I cleaned up the guide lines with Gimp

Some drawing I did while lounging around Sunday with Charity. Rihanna from a Cover Girl ad (left eye too low), and a pose I remembered seeing on another blog

Trying to do some more cartoony sketches and anatomy